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Image of a sparrow on the approach page which describes psychotherapist Charley Rosicky's approach  and methods


Grief Counseling

If you are grieving the death of a special person or pet, or going through other losses, or life transitions, I will bring a non-judgemental empathy to you, as well as decades of experience and knowledge. In walking with you through the pain of loss, I know that yours was a one of kind relationship, which requires one of a kind support. I can make it easier for you to be with your grief, and eventually to know yourself and your life's purpose again.

This is a photo of two song sparrows next to the description of the service of grief counseling offered by Charley Rosicky

Therapy for Caregivers

I feel caregiving is one of the most noble things a human can do, and one of the hardest. I will meet you where you are with warmth and acceptance. If balancing having your own life while caregiving is an issue, I offer a wealth of experience in helping you find the delicate balance of caring for both yourself and for those in your care. If you are seeking support for another reason, I will co-create with you the best way forward for your circumstances. 

This image of birds is used to introduce the service of therapy for caregivers which is just one of the services offered by Charley Rosicky, LCSW

Climate Crisis Counseling

If you are suffering from watching our beautiful planet sink deeper into a climate crisis, I would like to support you in whatever way you need. I am passionate that we as a species do something to protect our home. Whether you are healing from climate related losses, searching for your unique contribution to a way forward, or are already engaged on the front lines of social action, and need support to continue, it would be my honor to work with you.  

This image of the moon and a flock of birds is used to introduce the service of therapy for those affected by the climate crisis.

Therapy for Spiritual Health

Often times, when we are confronted with challenges our spirituality is directly or indirectly affected. I define spirituality broadly as the place in us that seeks, holds and deepens what is most meaningful and inspiring. If you are recovering from the loss of a community, are struggling with changes in your beliefs, or have sustained trauma of a religious nature, I may be able to partner with you in finding your way to greater peace, self acceptance and communal belonging.

This eye to eye image of a song sparrow is used to introduce the service of therapy for spiritual trauma which is one of the services offered by psychotherapist Charley Rosicky, LCSW

My Training and Methods

I am a believer that the therapeutic relationship itself is healing, and so my primary approach is meeting you where you are with respect and care. Twenty years as a hospice social worker and grief counselor enriched my appreciation for the myriad ways people cope with illness, caregiving, death and trauma in their lives. Humans are endlessly resilient. From my own studies and from many colleagues, I have gathered tools to meet the individual needs of those going through such transitions. Often, being heard and validated in reviewing what has changed is an important element of integrating a loss. I use reflective listening, mindfulness, art therapy and non- judgement. These methods are all contained within the Companioning Model of grief therapy which has heavily influenced my work with caregivers and the bereaved. 


When disturbing experiences, multiple losses, abuse or trauma complicate a loss, I may offer the somatic approaches of Internal Family Systems Therapy, or Brainspotting which bring self compassion to those traumatized parts of ourselves. Both approaches assume our bodies know how to heal themselves when provided with the right mixture of mindful attention and caring guidance. When anxiety or depression mark a life transition, these body centered approaches can bring relief and clarify next steps.


employ these methods also in supporting people seeking to resolve a spiritual crisis. I was raised Catholic and early on found that Buddhism was a better fit for me. My first college degree focused on Comparative Religions, as I love humanity’s continual search for meaning in relationships, life and death. Through working extensively with the spiritual needs of the terminally ill and their families, and through my own spiritual trauma, I have become passionate about supporting others in spiritual health and growth whatever their faith tradition.


Because I am also concerned about healing the earth, I offer therapy for those affected by the climate crisis. I love our natural world. I have experience in Colorado’s anti-fracking social activist movement, and I have been inspired by the work of Joanna Macy and trained at the Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Center. Depending on your needs, I may offer Solution Focused Brief Therapy which is a powerful process that harnesses one’s own vision for the future and clarifies steps to move in that direction. Whether you have lost a home in one of our fires, have climate anxiety, or are on the front lines of social activism, I offer my therapy services for both personal healing and to support the work of those involved in creating change.

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